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Separation and Filtration Systems providing gas
purity. Natural gas filters and separators for fuel gas
and pipeline service. Separators using filters, vanes,
cyclones, mesh pads and knockouts to remove solids
and liquids from gas. Efficiencies to 0.3 micron.
Instrumentation, drains tanks and skid mounting are
Electric Boilers & Steam Generators for Steam
and Hot Water Generation, to 5000 PPH. Also
available in stainless steel.  
Optional Equipment
available includes Condensate Return Systems,
Automatic Blowdown Systems, High-Pressure Water
Feed Systems, Blowdown Separator Tanks,
Multi-Stage Load Progressive Sequencers, and more.
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Dawn Equipment, Inc.
Circulating Water Temperature Control Systems
provide accuracy and reliability; wetted components
are stainless steel or non-ferris.                           
Electric Water Heaters to 380 deg F and 120 gpm.
Portable Chiller Systems to 20 deg F and 60 ton.
Circulating Oil Systems to 700 deg F.
Custom Engineered Systems and Controls to
provide both heating and cooling.
Heat Transfer Oil Systems
Water Heating Systems
Portable Chillers
Air- & Water-Cooled
Full Range Heating & Chilling